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Nov. 1994
  Signed the joined venture contract
Dec. 1994
  Introduced the WH47 manufacturing technology
Feb. 1995
  Company established
Setp. 1995
  Company opened
Nov. 1996
  Company party branch set up
Jun. 1997
  Company worker’s union set up
  Won the honor of high tech enrerprise
Dec. 1997
  First annual profit 8.67 million yuan, sales revenue 42.34 million yuan
Mar. 1998
  Introduced WH30 manufacturing technology
Dec. 1998
  Annual profit 10.78 million yuan, sales revenue 52.22 million yuan
  Won the honor of abide by contracts and punctual enterprise of the city

Feb. 1999
  Introduced WH66 manufacturing technology
  Sold the 1st WH30 printing press
Mar. 1999
  Reinvested 352,000 USD, registered capital increased to 3,872,000 USD
Jun. 1999
  Passed ISO9002 quality system approval
Jul. 1999
  Won the honor of advanced technical joint venture
Oct. 1999
  "Company Cultural Wind" first issue was published
Dec. 1999
  Annual profit 10.46 million yuan, sales revenue 68.59 million yuan

Mar. 2000
  Reinvested 387,200 USD, registered capital increased to 4,259,200 USD
Aug. 2000
  Sold the 1st WH66 printing press
Dec. 2000
  Won the honor of 2000 Shandong provincial well-known trade mark
Mar. 2001
  Reinvested 425,900 USD, registered capital increased to 4,685,100 USD
Jan. 2002
  ERP system started to operate formally
Feb. 2002
  Introduced SD52 manufacturing technology
Mar. 2002
  Reinvested 663,300 USD, registered capital increased to 5,348,400 USD
Oct. 2002
  Passed ISO9001:2000 quality system approval
Mar. 2003
  Reinvested 432,100 USD, registered capital increased to 5,780,500 USD
  Reinvested 617,300 USD, registered capital increased to 6,617,300 USD
Jun. 2003
  Sold the 1st SD452 printing press
Dec. 2003
  Won the honor of "Weihai 100 trustable enterprises"
Mar. 2004
  Introduced SD52L manufacturing technology
May. 2004
  Operated the performance appraisal system and pay system reform
Jun. 2004
  Won the honor of Shandong provincial well-known trade mark
Aug. 2004
  Won the honor of "abide by contracts and punctual" enterprise.

May 2005
  Sold the 1st SD52L printing press
Sept. 2005
  Moved to new location
Feb. 2006
  Introduced 466 manufacturing technology
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