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466 Series
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  Following the SD452 series WHPPC cooperating with Japan Hamada developed customer expectated 466 series press. From product design and development, technical architecture, product quality inspection until its birth the 466 Series glistened with the staff painstaking effort and wisdom. Double diameter cylinder transmission can achieve high-speed printing and improve the accuracy of thick paper printing. Ink temperature control device makes printing conditions remaining at the best state. The heavy machine structure let you work much easier.

Composition and structural characteristics:

1. Use cone, triple race bearings.
2. Firm gear cylinder structure (can play perfect network reproducibility)
3. Diamond dust cylinder gripper.
4. Bearer contact.
5. Outside helical gear
6. New design of the vacuum feeding system makes feeding more stable
7. Double diameter cylinder transmission can achieve high-speed printing and improve the accuracy of thick paper printing
8.Continuous dampening system designed by Japan Hamada
9. Water circulator with chiller is standard equipment
10. Ink supplement is designed with temperature control so that printing conditions are remaining at the best state
11. There are enough ink rollers for ink supplement (4 form rollers for each unit, 20 in total)
12. The heavy machine structure is totally different with the small-size model.
13. Running register remote control device can adjust overprint quickly
14. Equipped with new type EPS device (semi-automatic printing plate placing). Only 6 minutes are needed to change a printing plate.
15. Automatic blanket washer (non-woven cloth type)
16. Ink key remote controller (Separation type)
17. Optional CIP4 converter can speed up printing
18. Advanced middle paper collecting bench structure.


Sheet Size(Max) 660480mm
Sheet Size(Min) 92210mm
Image Area(Max) 650470mm
Paper Thickness 0.04~0.60mm
Printing Speed 3,000-15,000 I.P.H
Power Three phase 200V
Safety Standard Meet JIS(=ISO)
Dimension(L.W.H) 6,370(L)2,230(W)1,845(H)mm
Weight 15,500Kg.

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